Services for Private Clients

Setting Up MyAccess Account

As a client of Medicaid Made Easy we will create a MyAccess account for those that do not have an existing MyAccess account with Department of Children and Families. This enables Medicaid Made Easy to upload requested documentation to your case with the ease of mind knowing it was received by DCF. Each year it will link to your personal information and make reapplying for benefits easier and convenient.

Our clients will also be able to apply for additional benefits within the website as well as make changes online to your MyAccess account. To ensure security of your personal identity, Medicaid Made Easy uses an encrypted database, a secure email system and regular documented training of all staff on protecting PHI and reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse. All information at Medicaid Made Easy is confidential and we ensure that only you will have access to all of your important information.

Easy for our clients
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Representation for clients for Department of Children and Families

Medicaid Made Easy

Effective communication with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) is a hurdle that many facilities face. Getting fast and accurate service, including predicting what will be requested, knowing state lingo and having contacts at DCF makes the process less time consuming for you. We know DCF policy inside and out, and will fight for what is right for each client. A member of our team can provide that representation and be a liaison between our clients and DCF. Let our staff, who know DCF policy in and out, fight for what is right for each person. This representation allows DCF to come directly to us, as well as us to them. It may be revoked at any time by the client.

Medicaid Applications and Redeterminations for All Medicaid Programs

Medicaid applications can be very confusing. Understanding the questions, ensuring you are following DCF policy and reporting what is necessary all are very confusing to most. Many of our staff are previous DCF workers and we know the Medicaid programs inside and out. We have all the current policy information, guidelines and requirements that have been recently published. Let us give you ease of mind that your application will be filed correctly and followed up with diligence. Along the way we also can anticipate what information DCF will be asking our clients for. It's good to stay one step ahead.

Patient Responsibility

Patient Responsibility refers to someone on a Medicaid Waiver, ICP Medicaid, or Hospice Medicaid program who have an out of pocket obligation determined by DCF to pay for their services. Our staff can explain your given patient responsibility and cross reference the calculations to ensure they are correct. These calculations are based on an income vs. expense calculation that is system formulated by DCF. One common mistake that occurs are incorrect calculations, by DCF costing facilities thousands of dollars a year, are incorrect calculations by DCF. Let us, the experts, aid you in understanding patient responsibility, and troubleshoot any dilemmas that you face in the Medicaid process.

Medicaid process is Made Easy for our clients
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Troubleshooting Department and Children and Families Cases

Are you having issues getting your cases approved? Do you not understand why your residents benefits are so low or were denied? Our team here at Medicaid Made Easy is here to help! We take your cases and evaluate them piece by piece in order to see where the issues are. Let our staff guide you on what documentation is needed and push for the approval or case correction that may be desperately needed. Issues with cases can end up costing clients hundreds of dollars that they simply cannot afford. We can work with your residents and their families in order to get all the information that DCF needs to get the case approved correctly.