Services for Facilities

Services for Nursing Home Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities

Placing initial Medicaid applications, filing for Medicaid waiver Redeterminations , filing for ICP Medicaid, and filing for Hospice Medicaid are just a few of the time-consuming tasks associated with the Medicaid maze. Many of our staff are previous Department of Children and Families (DCF) workers. Their decades of experience offer lots of insight into the confusing myriad of Medicaid programs and process.

Medicaid Made Easy staff analyzes member’s information, follows DCF policy and completes Medicaid applications on behalf of members quickly and diligently. Staying one step ahead is a principle we founded our company on. Through our experience and Medicaid Made Easy case studies, we can anticipate what document or information DCF will request. This enables Medicaid Made Easy to efficiently and effectively get Medicaid cases approved. Medicaid Made Easy will free up your time and enable you to dedicate more time for mandatory and critical responsibilities at your facility.

Medicaid process is Made Easy for your Facility
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Patient Responsibility

Patient Responsibility refers to someone on a Medicaid Waiver, ICP Medicaid, or Hospice Medicaid program who has an out of pocket obligation determined by DCF, to pay for their services. Our staff can explain your given patient responsibility, and cross reference the calculations to ensure they are correct. These calculations are based on an income vs. expense calculation that is system formulated by DCF. Medicaid Made EasyOne common mistake that occurs for many are incorrect calculations, furthermore costing facilities thousands of dollars a year, are incorrect calculations by DCF. Let us, the experts, aid you in understanding patient responsibilities, and troubleshoot any dilemmas that you face in the Medicaid process.

Representation for clients for Department of Children and Families

Effective communication with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), is a hurdle that many facilities acquire. Getting fast and accurate service, including predicting what will be requested, knowing state lingo, and having contacts at DCF makes the process less time consuming for you. We know DCF policy inside and out, and will fight for what is right for each client. A member of our team can provide that representation and be a liaison between our clients and DCF. Let our staff, who know DCF policy in and out, fight for what is right for each person. This representation allows DCF to come directly to us, as well as us to them. It may be revoked at any time by the client.

Medicaid process is Made Easy for your Facility
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Troubleshooting Department and Children and Families Cases

Is your facility having issues getting your cases approved? Are you not understanding why your residents benefits are so low or were denied? Our team here at Medicaid Made Easy is here to help! We take your cases and evaluate them piece by piece in order to see where the issues are. Let our staff guide you on what documentation is needed, and push for the approval or case correction that may be desperately needed. Issues with cases can end up costing clients hundreds of dollars that they simply cannot afford. With permission, we can work with your residences and their families in order to get all the information that DCF needs to get the case approved correctly.