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Let Medicaid Made Easy take the stress out of dealing with your Medicaid eligibility cases. Our experienced Eligibility Specialists will work hard to get your Medicaid Cases approved. Medicaid Made Easy understands that the process of applying for Medicaid can be confusing and daunting. Whether it’s a single private party case or handling hundreds of cases for a facility, Medicaid Made Easy will use its decades of experience to get Medicaid cases approved.


Medicaid process is Made Easy
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By hiring Medicaid Made Easy, our corporate clients have found that due to a larger percentage of their Medicaid residents retaining their Medicaid Eligibility, their revenues increased. Writing off Medicaid receivables can be financially damaging to a business, which is why we strive to assist all clients in properly handling Medicaid receivables. As business operating expenses go higher and profit margins are squeezed, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities can rely on partnering with Medicaid Made Easy, knowing that our committed team will aggressively push for all Medicaid applications to get approved. 

Medicaid Made Easy prides itself in keeping all your valuable documents safe and secure. We know the anticipation while you wait for your Medicaid application disposition may be stressful. We will give you regular, consistent updates about the status of your case with the Department of Children and families to ensure the easiest, least stressful Medicaid process.

Many of our private clients have asked for assistance when attempting to determine what their patient responsibility should be. More specifically, patient responsibility is the portion that a Medicaid recipient is responsible for and must contribute after Medicaid has paid out benefits. Our spectrum of corporate clients are very sensitive to the issue of patient responsibility. In most cases, no one but DCF can calculate the patient responsibility, however Medicaid Made Easy has seasoned former DCF employees who are well versed in the language of patient responsibility. One common mistake among Medicaid applications is that patient responsibility is sometimes inaccurately referred to as Share of Cost, however the two terms are not interchangeable. Our team here at Medicaid Made Easy will correctly differentiate these two based on our extensive experience.

Medicaid process is Made Easy
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Many of our corporate clients that operate Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities appreciate our decades of long expertise in helping figure out their resident’s financial exposure regarding patient responsibility. Our corporate clients also appreciate Medicaid Made Easy due to helping them minimize claims issues that are associated with claims payments, which are often shortchanged by the insurance companies. Our experience has helped in discovering that many of the insurance companies paying out Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities claims are not calculating the patient responsibility of the facilities residents properly. This can result in decreased claims payments that can negatively affect a business’s cash flow. Medicaid Made Easy will ensure that every step of the process is taken with precaution to ensure a proper application.

Our industry research has shown that many Business Offices in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities don’t have the resources or the training to navigate the Medicaid process. Business offices are often stretching their resources just keeping the operation running.

Medicaid Made Easy will act as an outsourcing partner that will free up a business, so that they can specialize in what they do best and leave the rest to us!